Built in Holland, construction of German Blue Steel hull and timber decks. First registered in Hamburg Germany.  Solway Lass was a Sail Powered Vessel until 1924.
Circa 1905


Renamed Adolf, working as a Trading Vessel carrying cargo around the Baltic and North Sea.


Seized by British Navy as a Prize of War.  Converted for use as a 'Q-Ship' by the Navy.  Q-Ships sailed in front of the British Merchant Ships during the 1st World War.  Their role was to act as a decoy for the German Submarines.


Sold to a Coal Merchant in Liverpool England.
Circa 1924 Solway Lass Sold to a Scottish Shipping Company located at Dumfries in the Solway Firth.  This is where the name Solway Lass originates.  Worked carrying, coal, produce and stone between the Scottish Ports of Dalbeattie and Palnackie and Liverpool in England and Dublin in Ireland.  An engine was installed.


Sold to Welsh Owners, Captain J Anderson of Portmadoc


Ship ran aground in Sandymount (a Suburb of Dublin) during the height of a massive Snow Storm.  The cargo of Coal had to be off-loaded which was a painstakingly slow process using horse drawn carts.  This story made the front page of the Saturday Herald, March 13 1937.


Sold to Danish Company and worked carrying cargo around the Baltic.


During WWII the German army used Solway Lass as a Supply Ship.  During the war Solway Lass was sunk, and after the war repaired.


Renamed Bent after the Repairs


Lloyd's Shipping Registers show the name of Sundeved and working out of Denmark.


Passed through Panama Canal on way to Fiji.
Lawendua Working in Fiji as a coastal trader Renamed in Fiji.
Tui-Nasavusavu Renamed in Fiji.


Purchased by Sydney Business-man Tim Lloyd, sailed to Sydney


Between 1983 to 1985 Rebuilt at Berry's Bay in Sydney.  Relaunched under the name Solway Lass on 17 Nov 1985.
1985 Solway Lass Sailing Sydney Harbour as Sydney's Tall Ship offering pleasure cruises.


Participated as Lead Vessel in 1st Fleet re-enactment on Sydney Harbour celebrating 200 years of Australian Settlement


Purchased by Australian Tall Ship Cruises and relocated to the Whitsunday Islands.  Refitted with Air Conditioned Guest Accommodation below decks.


Celebrated 100 years of Sailing History in the Whitsundays.  How ironic is it that in the Whitsunday's we have a body of water named the 'Solway Pass'

Photos courtesy of Paul Greenway Crone of Manchester England. 

The Greenway's owned Solway Lass. 

Paul has written: "My mum still recalls the time a German Submarine surfaced in the Solway Firth and her Grandad, Thomas Greenway was the skipper of the Solway Lass.  On this occasion the Captain of the sub said he was totally lost and needed directions back to Germany".

Photo's Circa 1926 show Stanley and Sarah Greenway



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