Solway Lass History - Aground in Sandymount Dublin 1937
Information from Jim & Barry Casey

"The Solway Lass" was the name of the schooner which landed on Sandymount Strand, Dublin County in March 1937.

 It left Liverpool on 10th March 1937 heading for the Wicklow Corn Company at Arklow with a cargo of coal on board. About twenty miles off Skerries, the schooner ran into gales. The auxillary engine failed and the ship was left to the mercy of the wind. Word of the vessel's plight was brought by the captain of the Dún Laoghaire mail boat. The life boat went out to assist but was unable to be of any help. Efforts to reach the vessel by shooting a life line by rocket failed owing to the distance from shore. By that time, however, the schooner had run aground between Newgrove Avenue and Marine Drive in Sandymount.

The cargo of coal had to be unloaded in order to get the schooner re-floated. This was a slow operation as horse-drawn drays were used and only small amounts could be taken at a time. Garda John Conway from Irishtown Police Station arrived on the scene and interviewed Captain J. Anderson and crew members William Payne and Joseph Canning, all from Liverpool. The captain told the garda that the crew were safe although the schooner was badly damaged. Eventually, the ship was refloated and returned to port for repairs.

The Saturday Herald published Saturday March 13 1937, on the cover quoted "Stranded Schooner - Notwithstanding the high tides the stranded schooner, Solway Lass, which ran aground off Sandymount, Dublin, during the Snowstorm was still held fast in the sand to-day:


We were three hardy sailors on the night that we sailed out;
For long we will remember for Wicklow we were en-route;
When near the Kish, the waves did swish;
The Mailboat we did meet,
The storm raged with Fury,
The hail, snow and sleet,
We Fought our way across the bay
With courage not surpassed,
We next did land on Sandymount Strand
Onboard "The Solway Lass"

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